unique glasses engraved with a trotec laser

Laser Engraved Wedding Glass

Step by step guide

This tutorial shows you how to personalise and customise simple glasses with engraving technology. Ideal for weddings, engagement parties and other special events, these glasses will make the perfect gift idea for your loved ones. 


Required material:

  • Rotary attachment
  • Champagne glass
  • Paper towel
  • Sponge or a spray and some water

Trotec laser used:

  • Speedy 300, 80 watts, 2.0 inch lens


  • Use a 2 inch lens instead of a 1.5 inch lens to prevent the glass from cracking

Step by Step

Step 1: Mount the rotary attachment

Before you start working, ensure the laser machine is switched off. Once this is done, you can then mount the rotary attachment and plug it in. After that, switch on the laser and place the prepared glass into the rotary attachment. 

Step 2: Prepare the glass

In order to prepare the glass, you will need a paper towel, some water and a spray or sponge. Apply a paper towel on the surface of the glass and moisten it with a sponge or spray. This will prevent splintering of the glass. To help achieve a perfect result, ensure that there are no air inclusions or wrinkles.

Step 3: Put the glass into the rotary attachment

Insert your prepared glass into the rotary attachment and make sure that it is firmly attached. If your glass is conical, adjust the inclination angle so that the surface you wish to engrave is in a parallel position.

Step 4: Engrave your glass

Import the PDF file into Corel Draw. Feel free to customise the existing design as you wish or create your own unique design and send it to the laser. Ensure that you have activated the rotary attachment and entered the diameter of the glass in the properties dialogue (see screenshot in step 3). 

Used engraving parameters:

Power: 100%
Speed: 60%
Frequency: 500 ppi
Air Assist: OFF

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