Leather Pencil Roll

Step by step instruction

Looking for something unique and amazing to create with your laser? How about a unique custom handmade roll up pencil case !!
These roll up pencil cases present an elegant and distinctive alternative to the common zipper or snap fastener cases.


Required material:

  • Laserable Leather 425mm x 200mm 
  • 4 pencils/pens for filling the pencil roll

Machine used:

  • Speedy 360, 80 watts
  • 2" lens
  • Nozzle with small hole diameter
  • Vacuum table with honeycomb table support

Laserable Leather can of course also be processed with any laser engraver of the Speedy series. Simply adjust the material parameter settings to suit your particular machine.


Graphic files

Step by Step

Step 1: Import/create design & laser template

Create your own design or use our template. Now send the job to the laser with the settings below.

Print settings:

Process mode: Standard
Resolution: 500dpi
Cut line: none
Halftone: Colour
Others: Optimised geometries,
inner geometries first,
minimise to job size



Step 2: Laser process

Now create the material parameter settings. Our suggested settings may need to be changed to suit the specific laser machine that you are using and the laser power available.

To process the Laserable Leather, use the vacuum table with honeycomb cutting grid/table and use the nose cone with the small diameter hole. Put the Laserable Leather into the laser machine. Cover the rest of the working surface around the material to create a strong vacuum to a achieve the best exhaust performance.

Then start the engraving and cutting process.

Laser material parameters: 

  Engrave Cut
Color Black Red
Process Engrave CO2 Cut CO2
Power (%) 60 20
Speed (%) 100 2
ppi/Hz Auto 1000
Passes 1 1
Air Assist ON ON
Z-Offset +1 -
Direction Bottom to top -
Advanced Optimised Quality -

Step 3: Assembly

After the laser process is finished, remove all of the cut parts from the laser. If necessary, clean the cut parts carefully with a slightly moistened cloth.

Insert the wide band from the bottom through the first slit so that the four small holes on the band are exactly over the four holes of the pin roll.

Now thread the narrow band through the four small holes so that the band crosses over on the upper side.

Turn the pencil roll over and knot the thin tape on the back. Then shorten the ends with scissors.

Step 4: Finalise the pencil roll

Now place the pins one after the other on the inside of the roll and pull the wide band through the slots so that the pins are fixed in the roll. Tighten the tape well, so that the pins get a good grip.

Pull the ribbon through the slit at the top edge of the pencil roll.

Finally, wrap the tape once around the outside of the roll. Fix the end by pulling it once under the tape.

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