engraved mirror

Laser Engraved Mirror

Step by Step Guide

You can easily turn a simple mirror into something unique and eye-catching using your Trotec laser machine. The sky is your only limit when it comes to laser applications, so let your creativity run wild!


You Will Need:

  • Mirror
  • Acrylic lacqueur

Machine Used:


  • You can use the 2.85" flexx lens
  • or the 3.2" fiber lens

Step by Step

Step 1 - Setup & Engraving

Place your chosen mirror inside your laser machine, ensuring that the mirror side is facing up. It also needs to be pressed firmly to the top left of the laser bed. When you're ready, you can send your design or pattern to the machine. Make sure you have selected the 'fiber laser' option for this engraving job. You'll want to use the fiber laser source because glass does not physically react with it, only the mirror component will. This means that the glass won't be scratched or damaged during the engraving process, leaving you with a smooth, faultless finish.

Laser Settings

Speed: 10% - Power: 100% - Resolution: 50.000ppi/Hz

Step 2 - Cleaning

The post-process cleaning is very easy because the erosion and dust will always land on the table underneath the mirror, and not on top of the mirror itself. This means you are much less likely to smudge, scratch or damage your finished product, and it will stay smooth and shiny.

Step 3 - Painting

To finish your project, apply a coat of acrylic lacquer to the back of the mirror and spread it all over the engraved areas. Once it dries it will show through, creating a beautiful, stark contrast. Your personalised mirror is now ready for use! 

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