Acrylic Globe
with Moving Parts

Step by Step Tutorial

It's easy to add a design element to your laser applications, such as adding movable parts to a simple acrylic globe. Here, you will find instructions for this, as well as a template download for your laser machine.


You Will Need:

Machine Used:

  • Speedy 360 flexx
  • 100W, 1.5" lens
  • Vacuum table with acrylic cutting grid

You can create this sample using any machine from the Speedy Series.


  • To keep the kerf as small as possible, we decided to use the 1.5" lens instead of the 2" lens
  • Seeing as material thicknesses can vary, we recommend measuring the material and adapting the recess where necessary

Step by Step

Step 1: Import the Design

Import the graphic we have provided into your chosen program. Add a personalisation into the base if you'd like, and then send the job to your laser machine with the following settings: 

Print Settings:

Process Mode Resolution Cut Line
Standard 500dpi -
Halftone Others
Colour Optimised Geometries, Inner Geometries First



Step 2: Laser Process

Define all the necessary parameters. These may vary depending on what laser machine you are using and its available power.

Laser Parameters:

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Red Cut CO2 40 0.2 5000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 ON - -


We decided to use the standard parameters for TroGlass, optimised for quality.

Step 3: Assembly

When it's time to assemble your globe, take the ring that contains four outer notches and insert it into the ring with two notches. Then, place the ball into the ring with the two long connections. Once you've done that, it's time to place one of the smaller rings onto the outer rings. Finally, insert the assembled globe into the holder and fixate it to the opposite side with the second ring. Insert the globe into the stand, and it's ready to be displayed! 


Download Template

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