In today's world, sustainability is a crucial aspect of responsible business practices. As a leading provider of laser materials, we understand the importance of offering eco-friendly solutions to our customers. The Green Line reflects our authentic commitment to sustainability while delivering exceptional quality and performance. We are excited to share our dedication to sustainability with you.

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Why choose Trotec's Green Line?

Sustainable products that come from responsible sources are important to us. That is why we rely on regional partners to supply our Trotec materials range which have the same high standards as us. For more quality, responsible business today and a contribution to a future worth living. 

Find out the most important aspects of our Green Line range:

Ethical Sourcing

We carefully select our sustainable materials from regional suppliers who share our values. We prioritize materials that come from renewable, sustainable, and ethically managed sources.

Recyclability and Reusability

Our sustainable laser materials are designed with recyclability and reusability in mind. We are committed to closing the loop and reducing waste by encouraging proper recycling practices and promoting the reuse of materials whenever possible.

Reduced Environmental Impact

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint across all aspects of our operations. From the energy-efficient design of our manufacturing facilities to the optimization of production processes, we strive to minimize waste and emissions.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

We continuously invest in research and development to explore new eco-friendly materials and techniques that meet the highest environmental standards without compromising on performance.

Versatility and Quality

Your jobs and projects deserve nothing less than the best. Whether you're working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, our materials offer the reliability and performance you expect from Trotec.

Transparent Environmental Initiatives

At Trotec, we believe in transparency. We are dedicated to sharing our environmental initiatives, progress, and goals with our customers. We prefer establishing strong partnerships with regional, ecologically responsible sources over paid certifications.

Embracing sustainability

At Trotec Materials, we recognise that sustainability takes different forms across products. For some, recyclability is paramount, while for others, it is raw material composition. Discover the nuances as we dive into the production of diverse materials within the Trotec Green Line.

Sustainability is not a destination but an ongoing journey of improvement and responsibility. At Trotec, we are continually striving to expand our range of sustainable laser materials, pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly innovation and inspiring others to join us on this path. Recognise all products that are part of our Green Line by our Green logo.

Discover the full Trotec materials range 

Our Green Line range

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