TroGlass Green Line acrylic sheets

Innovatively eco-friendly cast acrylic sheets

Advantages of our TroGlass Green Line acrylic sheets

99% Recyclable & recycled content

Our Green Line acrylic sheets contain 99% recycled content. They are recyclable without compromising their mechanical, optical, or thermal characteristics. This sustainability aspect significantly reduces environmental impact by reusing materials.

Lower environmental footprint

The production process of our acrylic sheets suppliers involves a proprietary Regeneration System. This converts pre- and post-consumed PMMA into 99% Regenerated raw material (acrylic regenerated monomer). This process reduces the environmental footprint by minimising waste and energy consumption.

Certified sustainability

Our acrylic sheets come with certifications such as ISO 9001. These validate the production of 99% recycled raw material and the production of recycled cast acrylic sheets. It is also important to us that our suppliers have environmental certifications such as EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) or European LEED Credits to ensure eco-friendly attributes.

Carbon neutrality

Achieving carbon neutrality in the production of the Green Line acrylic sheets underscores the commitment of our supplier to offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. This signifies a proactive position toward combating climate change and environmental harm.

Innovatively Green Line cast acrylic

Numerous of our cast acrylic sheets are integrated into our green line collection already and more to follow. Crafted by our suppliers, renowned for their expertise in cast acrylic, these sheets embody a fusion of innovation and eco-consciousness.

Unlike its extruded counterpart, cast acrylic offers a remarkable advantage: the ability to comprise 99% recycled material. It remains endlessly recyclable without compromising its intrinsic properties. This sustainability extends to its manufacturing, reducing environmental impact without sacrificing quality.

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Green Line acrylic sheets production cycle

Sustainability meets superior performance

Our high-quality recycled cast acrylic sheet is not only crafted with 99% recycled raw material, offering a solution for those who intend to improve their impacts. It also offers superb optical clarity, weather resistance, and strong physical properties.

Our recycled cast acrylic matches the quality and durability of virgin cast acrylic sheets. It easily undergoes CNC routing, laser cutting, hot bending, adhesion, thermoforming, polishing, and digital printing.

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