Keeping Your Laser in Tip-Top Condition

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance…

We all hate doing it, but deep down we know it needs to be done! Be warned; laser maintenance isn’t a task that should be procrastinated! If you leave it too long, you could be faced with an expensive issue down the track. But fear not! The task only takes about 10-minutes and it is super easy.

Some laser machines are easier to maintain than others. Trotec laser systems have unique features like InPack-Technology™, Harsh Environment Kits as well as an integrated Co-Axial Air System – all making laser maintenance a walk in the park.

Clean Your Internal Filter System

One of the main areas on a laser engraver that needs to be kept clean is the exhaust blower / internal filter system. If this item isn’t maintained, you may as well not be using it at all.

Every laser system is designed to allow air to flow through the laser cabinet and help eliminate debris as quickly as possible. In turn, this ensures that smoke and dust from lasered material will not leave smudges and residue all over your optics and mechanical components.

To ensure you are using a suitable filtration system for your laser machine, feel free to have a chat with our Support team, you can also learn more about maintaining your exhaust system below.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Exhaust

Clean Your Optics

Some laser systems are very complicated and require you to perform a lot of maintenance tasks, while others only need checking from time to time.

Here at Trotec, we recommend using compressed air and a damp cloth to keep your machine neat, tidy and trouble free. Because our InPack-Technology™ and Harsh Environment Kit protect the critical system components of the machine – like belts, bearings, optics and electronics – maintenance is quite easy. When your system becomes dirty, simply blow out the dust with your compressed air and wipe down the surfaces that may have residue left over.

It is important to note that the optics are the main element that retain your image quality when laser engraving. ‘Optics’ are the mirrors and lenses. Bi-weekly inspections (daily if you’re working with wood or rubber) can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

You don’t need much to be able to clean your optics; just a can of compressed air, a lens tissue and a little bit of lens cleaner. Trotec sells the tissues and the cleaning solution, so contact us if you need any help here. Just ensure that you visually inspect the optics regularly for residue build up, fingerprints and dust smudges.

Before you attempt to clean the optics with a tissue or cloth, be sure to use the can of compressed air first. This will prevent scratches and damage to the optics – you want as much of that dust gone before you start wiping!

Once you have removed the surface debris, you can then put a few drops of lens cleaner straight onto the optic. Wipe gently using the tissue, folded into a small square. At this point, you may also want to give the optic a quick spray of compressed air to remove any remaining solution that may have been left behind

Optic Cleaning Tips:

  • The natural oils in your skin can damage the lens coating, so ensure you don’t touch the lens surface with your bare fingertips.
  • Only use a lens solution that has been specifically designed for laser optics. Some camera-cleaning solutions are not suitable for the lens and might damage the coating.
  • Only clean your lens when it's dirty – excessive cleaning can shorten the life of your lens.

You can find more about laser maintenance in our tips & tricks section:

Tips & Tricks