Oh, Christmas Tree

Create a Beautiful, Cardboard, Laser Cut Christmas Tree

One of the best things about Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree! Some people like to decorate it neatly and precisely, to show off their impeccable decorating skills. Some people leave it all the way til’ last minute! Some people put the tree up with their family, listening to Christmas carols and smiling at old Christmas memories…

Whoever you are and whatever kind of Christmas you have, this project is the perfect December activity for you!

Here at Trotec, we have created a beautiful, laser processed, DIY cardboard Christmas tree! It’s perfect, easy to make and eye-catchingly unique! You can decorate it with all your regular Christmas decorations, or even let the kids add some colour and flair with paints or crayons! The best part? On Boxing Day, you can flat-pack it all up and save it for next year!

Trotec laser machines are perfect for this job too, as our lasers cut finely and accurately every single time – no need for post-processing! We used a Trotec SP500 machine to cut our Christmas tree, along with 1300 x 750mm cardboard. However, you can always optimise the design of the tree according to your size limitations and personal preferences – the sky is your only limit! You can create this tree using any laser cutting machine.

So, if you’ve left your Christmas tree decorating til December 24th again (don’t worry, we get it), then this project will save you time, bring the family together and maybe – just maybe – save Christmas!

And remember, you’re not just limited to cardboard! By adjusting the laser settings and parameters, you can use any material imaginable to create your new, stunning Christmas tree. Maybe you can try creating your very own acrylic tree – the Trotec TroGlass range offers so many beautiful, colourful options. You can browse through our eye-catching acrylic range below:

TroGlass Range

So, what are you waiting for!?

You can find a free template download and instructions in the following link. Happy crafting!

DIY Christmas Tree