Trotec & the Environment – Committed to Environmental Protection

“We Act Responsibly”

The Trodat Group – so ultimately Trotec – is setting a good example in the field of environmental protection. As early as 1993, when nobody knew about the ‘Kyoto Protocol’, and strict Austrian environmental laws had not yet reached their current standard, the Trodat Group had already implemented many measures to ensure better energy usage and sustainability.

Today, we pay a great deal of attention to the efficient use of energy and careful handling of raw materials. Our laser technology, as well as the latest filter technology, allows us to offer customers various ways of protecting the environment by avoiding the use of chemicals in engraving, cutting and marking.

In 2008, we were awarded EN ISO14001:2015 certification

Clean Raw Materials:

  • Total avoidance of substances such as zinc, cadmium, lead and PVC
  • On-going supplier-screening, according to environmental and quality certification

Economic Use of Energy:

  • Economic handling of energy and raw materials
  • 62% of the electricity requirement is met using renewable energy
  • Reduction of waste
  • Packaging recycling

Responsible Production:

  • Implementation of efficient and gentle production processes
  • Avoidance of production waste
  • The entire production process is completely free from waste water

Less CO2:

  • Reduction of carbon by switching from fuel oil to natural gas
  • Reduction of goods transported by air

Green Building

The Trotec headquarters building in Austria is self-sustaining. It uses renewable energy for heating, cooling and ventilation.

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