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The success of Trotec's development would not have been possible without the determination, motivation and knowledge of our staff. We would like to take this opportunity to personally introduce each area:

Trotec Laser Australia

"Nailed it!!!"

Location: Sydney Head Office. Other locations include Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hamilton (NZ).
 Number of employees: 39

Trotec Laser Austria

"Be number ONE"

Location: Marchtrenk
Number of employees: 21

Trotec Laser Canada

"Trust, Loyalty and Care"

Location: Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB, Vancouver, BC, Montreal, QC
Number of Employees: 31

Trotec Laser China

"Team Leads to Xtraordinary"

Location: Xiamen, China
Number of employees: 17

Trotec Laser France

"Everything is possible, nothing is impossible!"

Location: Paris
Number of employees: 34

Trotec Laser Germany

"The will to succeed"

Location: Ismaning (München), Markdorf (am Bodensee), Isernhagen (Hannover), Leipzig, Berlin, Herdecke (Dortmund), Darmstadt (Frankfurt), Gerlingen (Stuttgart)
Number of employees: 63

Trotec Laser Italy

"Always push"

Location: HQ – Concorezzo, Monza – Showrooms Rome, Bologna and Padova
Number of employees: 13

Trotec Laser Japan

"Results driven mission, Jobcontrol vision and Speedy team action are the keys to success"

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees: 17

Trotec Laser Mexico

“Marking customer dreams”

Location: San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato, Mexico
Number of employees: 32

Trotec Laser Netherlands

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Location: Haaksbergen, the Netherlands & Zaventem, Belgium
Number of employees: 16

Trotec Laser Poland

"One Team - One Course"

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Number of employees: 14

Trotec Laser Russia

"Any problems? We stay brave: Mark the task and then engrave."

Location: Russia, Moscow
Number of employees: 2

Trotec Laser South Africa

"Years of experience but still learning"

Location: Cape Town, Durban, Benoni and Johannesburg
Number of Employees: 11

Trotec Laser Spain

Location: Barcelona - Spain
Number of employees: 11

Trotec Laser Switzerland

"Best Team for best success"

Location: Lyss, Volketswil 
Number of employees: 10

Trotec Laser UK

"Keep calm and laser on"

Locations: Newcastle, England
Number of employees: 42

Trotec Laser USA

"Never say: 'that's not my job'."

Locations: Plymouth Michigan (near Detroit)
Number of employees: 50

Trotec Laser HQ

"Setting New Standards"

Location: Marchtrenk, Austria

ILC - Innovative Laminations Company

"Plastic made perfect"

Location: New Bern, NC
Number of employees: 40+