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Trotec Laser and Fabman will present a new way of machine communication at FAB13 conference

Published on: 07/24/2017 Author: Petra Buresch

Trotec Laser machines are used in many Fab Labs, schools, universities and Maker Spaces where many different people work on the machines. Members and people coming to the lab may also have different skillsets and levels of experience working with the machines. Managing such a community is a lot of work and a huge responsibility. Fabman is a great way to manage this diverse environment of laser users and support this huge undertaking.

Trotec and Fabman at FAB13 conference

Trotec will present laser technology at the 13th international Fab Lab conference. From July 31 - August 6, Fab Lab Network members from more than 1,000 Fab Labs from nearly 80 countries will gather in Santiago de Chile to share, collaborate, explore and fabricate. All Trotec laser machines used in the workshops will be equipped with a Fabman to prevent unattended operation. Moreover the Founder and CEO of Fabman will give a workshop on Fabman during FAB13 conference for all participants.

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Fabman: Increase safety and simplify daily tasks in your shared space

Fabman is an efficient system for shared space management. It is based on a software solution combined with RFID bridges integrated with machines.

Fabman increases safety of your space and at the same time also simplifies your daily tasks in your lab, including:

  • Safety: Fabman Bridges prevent unauthorized operation in case a member did not pass a training for that machine. Moreover the integrated dead man control system prevents unattended operation.
  • Booking: Let users book machines for a certain time. The Fabman Bridge in combination with the member card can restrict machine usage to defined members who made a booking online.
  • Automatic payments: Charge your members according to machine usage automatically.
  • Statistics: Analyze resource usage, payments, member growth and many more.
  • Gatekeeper: Use Fabman member cards to control access to your lab. You can easily connect Fabman to virtually any electric door lock and log check-in and check-out times.

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Proven in practice

Fabman is already being used by many labs and helps managing these shared spaces efficiently:

Happylab Vienna, Thomas Bittner (Lab Manager)
"We have more than 1700 members in our lab who have access to our machines 24/7. Thanks to Fabman, I feel confident that only authorized people work on the machines. I can access the system from anywhere and keep tabs on what is happening in our lab. Moreover I know that the machines will turn off in case of an emergency. This helps me to sleep well at night."

Fab Lab Brno, JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre), Tomáš Mejzlík (Lab Manager)
Fabman helped Fab Lab Brno a lot with overcoming initial obstacles in setting up the lab and growing up to maturity. I like it for these features:
- Safety: it won't turn the machine on for someone without the proper introduction
- Managing access to the place for hundreds of people
- Gathering statistics about the lab, and about usage of the equipment

Werkstätte Wattens, Center for Rapid Innovation, Christan Perfler (Technical Expert)
Fabman is the ideal supplement for our lab. Our customer profit from the booking tool. If someone books a machine for a certain time, only they can start it with their member card. Moreover, it allows us to automatically charge members for their bookings. Thanks to the Fabman dashboard we always have an overview about the utilization of our machines and in case of defect equipment we can quickly deactivate it via the app.

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