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Solutions for laser marking metals

Published on: 01/23/2018 Author: Bernd Kerbl

Solutions for laser marking metals

Various laser marking processes can be used to laser mark different metals. Depending on the industry and the application the methods of laser marking may vary.

Reliable and permanent

In machine construction high quantities of metal parts need to be marked with UIDs, barcodes or 2D-codes to ensure traceability. Serial numbers, time stamps and company logos are also often required. The marking should be resistant and withstand mechanical stress and weather influence. For a large number of components or workpieces marking times are critical and a fast method like laser marking is ideal for the task. Depending on the material the suitable marking processes can be annealing, polishing and deep engraving. For example, stainless steel can be laser marked through annealing without leaving a tangible depression on the surface. From soft metals like aluminum over steel to very hard alloys, a broad range of metals can be marked with Trotec laser marking systems.

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Flexible and environmentally friendly

High speed metal marking is also particularly useful for marking tools and precision tools like turning, milling and drilling tools. A laser marking system offers the flexibility to mark even very small and fine structures with highly legible and durable markings. The contact and chemical free laser technology ensures that there are no changes in mechanical properties and wear and tear is kept to a minimum. The laser beam as the most complete tool for any metal or alloy ensures an environmentally friendly and economical production. High contrasts can be achieved through a combination of annealing and polishing. For example, barcodes and texts can be annealed and the background polished for maximum legibility.

Durable and biocompatible

Various metals such as stainless steel, high alloy steels, titanium and titanium alloys are used in medical engineering for medical instruments as well as implants. These need to be marked in the highest quality and require reproducibility of the marking. Unlike other conventional methods laser marking ensures that UDI codes and serial numbers that are required by law in medical engineering are marked without causing any damage to the surface structure of the material. As there are no depressions at all in the material, no germs can settle in the material and the marking is still legible even after thousands of cleaning processes. Thus, the process of annealing ensures that the markings that provide traceability of the products are resistant and biocompatible.

Suitable laser solution

Within the wide product range of the SpeedMarker Series you will find the suitable laser marking system that meets best your requirements. These machines are delivered with the performant SpeedMark laser software for flexible and reliable industrial applications and environments and are ideal for high-speed laser marking high quantities in various shapes and sizes. Just ask our team of laser experts about the flexible solution for your marking task.

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