Marking on the Fly

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SpeedMarker FL
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Laser marking on moving workpieces

"Marking on-the-Fly" stands for the marking of moving workpieces. This type of marking is mainly used for continuous manufacturing processes where any standstills of the manufacturing plants would be uneconomical.

High demands on the laser machine

Marking on-the-fly places the highest demands on precision and speed of the marking laser. On the one hand, the laser machine must be designed for continuous industrial use. On the other hand, laser marking requires a specific software that takes the speed of the workpieces into account in order to ensure distortion-free marking.

Marking on the Fly with Trotec marking lasers

Our marking lasers have been designed for continuous industrial operation and come with a sophisticated laser software to ensure distortion-free results when marking-on-the-fly. Moreover, our laser machines and the software have been designed for integration into existing plants and processes.

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