Laser Power Upgrade

More power at any time

Every Trotec flatbed laser machine can be upgraded to a higher laser power at any time. This is a cost-efficient way for you to benefit from more power and higher productivity if you need these. Only a few parts of the Trotec laser machine have to be replaced for this purpose. The upgrade can therefore be implemented swiftly. So that you are productive again quickly.

Higher profitability for your business

Meet the challenges of today's industry: Higher output rates without any compromises in quality means higher profitability for your business. Besides you benefit from the flexibility in the services you can offer to your customer.

Compare the output with 30 watts to 80 watts:

Anodized Aluminum

Data plate, array 700 x 420 mm, 49 pcs, each 100 x 60 mm

Laser power 80 watts 30 watts
Progress 100 %, finished product 48 % finished
Time 55 sec. 55 sec.


Cast acrylics, 3 mm, sheet size 500 x 415 mm, 200 pcs, each 50 mm high

Laser power 80 watts 30 watts
Progress: 100 % finished product 46 % finished product
Time 7 sec. 7 sec.

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