SP Series Laser Cutters

Laser type: CO2
Work area: 49 x 28 up to 87 x 126 inch
Max. workpiece height: 2.1 - 11.8 inch
Laser power: 40 - 400 watts

The SP Series is the right choice for large format CO2 laser cutting systems. The highly efficient flatbed laser plotters are ideal for demanding cutting applications in plastics, wood, textiles and many more.
The SP Series is 100% developed and manufactured in Austria.

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  • laser cutting machine

    Productive and reliable

    Trotec laser cutting machines are designed for processing large format materials with superiour speed and precision. The high-quality, perfectly matched components ensure an extremely long lifetime.

  • laser cutting accessories

    Customize your laser

    A wide range of options supports you in your daily work: Choose from different work tables, equip your laser with a heavy load table or a travelling exhaust on the working head.

  • laser cutter components

    First-class components

    The motion system, electronics, working head and laser source feature highest quality and performance. This provides a maintenance-free operation and long laser lifetime.

Available Machine Sizes

SP500​ ​SP1500 SP2000​ SP3000
Work Area​ ​49 x 28 inch ​59 x 49 inch 66 x 98 inch​ 87 x 126 inch​
​Dimensions (WxDxH) 76 x 49 x 45 inch 112 x 87 x 51 inch ​96 x 122 x 49 inch 121 x 154 x 49 inch​
Max. ​Workpiece Height​
​11.8 inch 7.3 inch ​2.2 inch 2.2 inch
​Max. Processing
100 ips
acceleration 2 g​
65 ips
acceleration 1 g​
​40 ips
acceleration 1g
40  ips
acceleration 1 g​
​Laser Power - CO2 ​40 - 200 watts ​60 - 400 watts 60 -400 watts​ 60 - 400 watts
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laser engraving machine work area size

The working areas of SP laser cutters provide enough space for all standard sheet sizes in use today.

Acrylic, paper, cardboard or wooden sheets can be processed efficient and cost-saving.

Materials the SP lasers can cut or engrave

materials a laser can engrave
Looking for other materials? Check out the full range of materials our lasers can engrave and cut.

Features of the SP Series

  • Laser Remote App

    Trotec Laser Remote features control of Trotec flatbed lasers and real time feedback. This app is designed get information about the laser status, pause and position laser jobs, or move the laser head.... more
  • Laser pointer

    The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material. ... more
  • CeramiCore®

    The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. CeramiCore® stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.... more
  • Enclosed working cabinet

    The enclosure of the ​SP500 and the SP1500 machines fulfills laser safety class 2 to protect you staff or a laser safety officer. ... more
  • Air-flushed optics

    All optics are air-flushed. Compressed air is supplied to the corresponding lens or mirror. Dust or gases can therefore not stick to and soil the optics. Maintenance-free work and a long service life are thus guaranteed.... more
  • Multifunctional table concept

    Choose from our range of work tables the right surface for your laser application.... more
  • Focus Modes

    The correct setting of the focus is decisive for a perfect application result. There are different modes for focussing.... more
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Accessories for the SP Series

  • Focus lenses

    Find the right lens for achieving optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting with Trotec laser machines.... more
  • JobControl Vision software

    Perfect cutting of printed materials assisted by a camera system and optical registration mark detection. ... more
  • Pass-through

    Using the pass-through, it is possible to engrave or cut very long and bulky parts with the laser.... more
  • Atmos laser exhaust

    Exhaust system for removing dust and filtering odors that occur during laser engraving.... more
  • UniDrive Software

    UniDrive Software: Converts postscript formats (EPS, PS, PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF) to files that can be processed by laser. ... more
  • TroCAM

    TroCAM is the fully equipped, integrated CAD/CAM software solution that ensures precise control of your Trotec laser machine.... more
  • Laser power upgrade

    The laser power upgrade is a cost-efficient way for you to benefit from more power and higher productivity. ... more
  • Rotary engraving attachment

    Is required for laser engraving round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses or bottles. Simply insert it in the engraving compartment and attach. ... more
  • Air assist

    Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine. ​... more
  • Travelling exhaust at the working head

    An exhaust that is directly attached to the working head removes dust and gases generated during the laser process.... more
  • Gas-Kit

    The Gas-Kit allows for connecting up to 2 process gases (e. g. compressed air, N2). It prevents flames, improves dust transport, and additionally protects the lens. ... more
  • Sonar Technology

    ​Sonar Technology provides a high level of accuracy when focusing on the material being laser processed, guaranteeing a higher quality.​... more
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