InPack TechnologyTM - Dust Protection

Protecting sensitive laser components from dust
The cleanness of the laser machine during laser engraving is not necessarily a question of aesthetics, but rather a question of perfect function. For a high-quality engraving and cutting result the perfect function of the axis is most important. Trotec lasers are designed to protect sensitive components, such as the axis, laser head, optics and lenses from dirt and dust by the InPack TechnologyTM .
Consequently guide components are perfectly protected. This guarantees years of trouble-free processing even under intensive use. The result is higher productivity and lower running costs.

Improved dust protection kit
For applications with particularly high dust generation (e. g. engraving of rubber or wood), the harsh environment kit provides even better protection. Due to the protection strap  laser electronics and motors are free of dirt. This increases your machine's lifetime and minimizes the efforts for cleaning your laser engraver.