Trotec laser engraving machines
Trotec Laser
Laser engravers and laser cutting machines
laser engraver co2 fiber speedy100flexx
Speedy 100 flexx
Maxximum flexxibility for demanding entry-level users
Trotec Lasertainment Newsletter
Trotec's "Lasertainment" Newsletter
Tips and templates
for laser engraving and cutting
laser exhaust atmos nano
Atmos Nano
The ultra compact laser exhaust system

Trotec laser machines for cutting, engraving, etching & marking 

Trotec offers laser engraving and cutting machines for treating different materials. Cut, engrave and mark wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics and many more.

Our product range involves CO2 and fiber laser engravers, laser etchers and laser cutters with different power levels and marking area sizes. Choose from our flatbed laser plotters and galvo lasers the optimal solution for your application.

fab 10 fablab summit barcelona

We are happy to announce that Trotec is part of the the FAB10 conference in Barcelona from 2nd to 8th of July 2014.
flexx laser machines patented

Trotec was awarded with a patent for its “flexx-technology”, enabling the use of two laser sources in one laser machine.
New Version JobControl X

The latest version of JobControl includes new time-saving features like additional short cuts and a new seal process.
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We gladly answer your questions on our products or on laser processing in general. Additionally we would like to invite you to a laser machine demonstration at one of our local offices in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia or South Africa.