Speedy Laser Engravers

Laser type: CO2, fiber or flexx laser
Work area: 24 x 12 up to 39 x 24 inch
Max. workpiece height: 6,7 - 12 inch
Laser power: 10 - 120 watts

The Speedy is the ideal laser engraving machine - no matter if you start your business or want to speed up production. Highest quality components ensure minimal maintenance requirements. The patented InPack TechnologyTM provides the highest laser lifetime in the market. The Speedy is 100% designed and manufactured in Austria.

Speedy - Profitability by design.

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  • high speed laser engraving

    Fastest lasers on the market

    Trotec builds the fastest laser engravers in the market. Time is money - the minutes spent per laser job are crucial for your business.  Increase your production efficiency by processing at maximum speed of 3.55 m/sec and 5g.
    Productivity by design.
  • laser engraving software

    Easy-to-use software

    ​Speedy laser machines come with the JobControl® laser software. It is easy to learn - a 15min tutorial is sufficient to start laser engraving. With its many options, the software is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
    Usability by design.
  • co2 and fiber laser machine

    Endless applications

    The Speedy flexx laser machines are equipped with both a CO2 and a fiber laser. Mark and engrave even mixed materials in only one process without having to change the laser source, the lenses or the focus manually.
    Flexibility by design.

Available Machine Sizes

Speedy 100​ ​Speedy 300 ​Speedy 360 ​Speedy 400
Work Area​ 24 x 12 inch​ 29 x 17 inch ​32 x 20 inch ​39  x 24 inch
​Workpiece Height​ 6,7 inch ​7,8 inch 11 inch 12 inch
​Laser Power - CO2 ​12 - 60 watts ​12 - 120 watts 40 - 120 watt​s ​40 - 120 watts
Laser Power - Fiber 10 - 30 watts ​10 - 50 watts
​10 - 50 watts
10 - 50 watts
​flexx-TechnologyTM ​• ​• ​• ​•
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laser engraving machine work area size

The Speedy platforms from 24 x 12 to 39 x 24 inch are optimized to fit standardized material sizes: Save time and money on pre-cutting, use more standard blanks per table and take
advantage of the total working area.

All platform sizes are available with a CO2, a fiber or both laser sources in one laser system. This patented flexx function enables endless applications possibities.

Materials the Speedy lasers can engrave or cut

materials a laser can engrave
*Cutting metal films up to 0.5 mm thickness possible. Individual tests recommended.
Looking for other materials? Check out the full range of materials our lasers can engrave and cut.

Features of the Speedy Series

  • Multifunctional table concept

    Choose from our range of work tables the right surface for your laser application.... more
  • InPack TechnologyTM

    Ensures higher productivity and lower running costs thanks to minimum maintenance and optimal protection against dust.... more
  • CeramiCore®

    The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic. CeramiCore® stands for reliability, high engraving quality and longevity.... more
  • JobControl® Laser Software

    Innovative laser software that offers maximum operator comfort for preparing your laser jobs. It is as easy as printing.... more
  • Laser Remote App

    Trotec Laser Remote features control of Trotec flatbed lasers and real time feedback. This app is designed get information about the laser status, pause and position laser jobs, or move the laser head.... more
  • Laser pointer

    The laser pointer indicates exactly by a red dot where the beam of the laser machine will hit the material. ... more
  • Flexx Technology

    The Speedy flexx laser machines are equipped with both a CO₂ and a fiber laser. Use both laser sources in one job for endless application possibilities.... more
  • Easy machine access

    The engraving compartment of the Speedy 360 and Speedy 400 is very easily accessible. For maximum user comfort and easy loading and unloading of materials.... more
  • Inside View

    Inside view and LED lighting provide increased comfort for the laser user.... more
  • Focus Modes

    The correct setting of the focus is decisive for a perfect application result. There are different modes for focussing.... more
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Accessories for the Speedy Series

  • UniDrive Software

    UniDrive Software: Converts postscript formats (EPS, PS, PDF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF) to files that can be processed by laser. ... more
  • TroCAM

    TroCAM is the fully equipped, integrated CAD/CAM software solution that ensures precise control of your Trotec laser machine.... more
  • Laser power upgrade

    The laser power upgrade is a cost-efficient way for you to benefit from more power and higher productivity. ... more
  • Temperature sensor

    Monitors the temperature in the engraving compartment and thus reduces the flame risk during laser cutting.... more
  • Air assist

    Improves the laser engraving on many materials while also protecting the optics of the laser engraving machine. ​... more
  • Focus lenses

    Find the right lens for achieving optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting with Trotec laser machines.... more
  • Pass-through

    Using the pass-through, it is possible to engrave or cut very long and bulky parts with the laser.... more
  • Cutting table

    The cutting tables from Trotec reduce beam reflections and ensure high-quality laser cutting results.... more
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