Laser Cutting Machines for Fablabs, Schools and Universities

Digital Fabrication of 3D Models, Prototyping, Indistrial Design and DIY

Laser Cutters for Fablabs and Educational Settings
Trotec Laser Machines allow for inspiring application capabilities. Art and design projects once thought to be far-fetched are now made possible with our laser technology. In Fablabs and Educational settings laser machines are used for model making, prototyping, industrial design, and DIY.

DIY Projects Using a Wide Range of Materials
Materials used in prototyping can vary considerably from job to job, Acrylics being among the most commonly used. However, it can range from Paper, Cardboard, Wood, MDF, Textiles, Synthetics Materials, Plastics, Polystyrene, Films and Foils, and more. All which are perfectly processed on a Trotec Laser Cutter Machine.

Prototyping and Industrial Design
Lasers are a flexible tool suited for working with prototypes and experimental setups. When using graphics programs, for example CAD, your drawings and designs will be sent directly to the laser, allowing your ideas to be recognised and tested instantly.

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 Why Trotec?

  • Easy use
  • Flexibility - in material and application
  • JobControl laser software
  • Maximum precision and detail
  • One tool for all geometries
  • Perfect cutting and engraving results

Trotec Product Recommendation

  • SP500 laser cutting machine


    Large-size CO2 laser machine for high-efficiency cutting and engraving
    Work Area:   49 x 28 inch   ♦   lasertype:   CO2 laser, flatbed
  • Speedy 300 laser engraver

    Speedy 300

    CO2 flatbed laser machine for engraving different materials
    Work Area:   29 x 17 inch   ♦   lasertype:   CO2 laser, flatbed
  • Speedy 400 laser machine

    Speedy 400

    CO2 laser engraving machine for engraving different materials
    Work Area:   39 x 24 inch   ♦   lasertype:   CO2 laser, flatbed