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Trotec High-speed Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters

Trotec Laser is a leading international provider of advanced, high-speed laser equipment for laser cutting, laser engraving and industrial laser marking. With the broadest product line of laser engraving and laser cutting machines on the market, Trotec lasers are used to cut, engrave or mark a wide range of materials including woodpapermetalacrylicleatherstoneplastics, and more.

Discover the ideal solution for your business by choosing from our comprehensive flatbed laser plotter or galvo laser product lines. Our product portfolio includes CO2 and fiber laser machines with a variety of power levels and bed sizes.

SP3000 Large format laser cutter

The new laser cutter has a working area of 2,2 x 3,2 meters. Make your production more efficient.
Trotec for education

Trotec lasers for education: a smart way to bring technology into the classroom
Tampa open house

Come to our open house in Tampa in December to see our lasers in action.

Visit us at the ACTE Show in New Orleans this month to see how lasers can enhance learning and provide an excellent ROI.

Contact Us!
A laser expert will answer your questions about our products and laser processing. They will help you discover all the possibilities of lasers and how to make money with your Trotec laser machine. One solution, thousands of possibilities.

Additionally we invite you to see our lasers in action at one of our demonstration facilities located throughout the US! Trotec Laser Engraver, Laser Etcher, & Laser Cutter Systems... What's your solution?