Laser Machines for Stone Engraving

Laser engraving on granite, marble, slate or pebble stones

Laser engraving on stone offers incredible design options. With a laser engraving machine from Trotec, even detailed photographs and graphics can be realized.

Stone types suitable for
laser engraving:

Ceramic Granite
Marble Natural stone
Pebble stones Slate





  Material overview


How does laser engraving on stone work?
Laser engraving melts the surface of the stone. It works directly on the material. Consequently, there is no need for producing a stencil. 

What types of stones can be engraved with the laser?
Laser engraving on stone is particularly suited for polished, possibly dark natural stones, such as granite, marble, or slate. The more homogeneous and fine-grained the stone, the better the results produced by stone engraving. But thanks to their smooth surface, even pebble stones can be etched well with the laser. Another ideal candidate: White marble - on this material, the laser engraving machine can produce a continuous white stone engraving.

What effect can I achieve on stone?
Laser engraving on stone can be compared to a sort of "matting" of the material. Deep engraving is not possible as the laser beam melts the material, making the result almost invisible. Best results when engraving stone can be achieved on large surfaces or grayscale images. In practice, typical applications for laser engraving on stone include tombstones, paperweights, or decorations. Special, laser-engravable stone tiles are also available.

Is it also possible to cut stone with the laser?
Cutting stone with the laser is not possible.

What other materials can I process?
Stone engraving is performed with a CO2 laser. This can also be used for engraving or etching a wide range of other materials, such as wood, glass, rubber, acrylic and plexiglass, plastics, leather, paper, textiles or foams.

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What our customers are saying

northwind associates stone sign engraving  "I bought a Trotec Speedy 300 80 watt laser to replace an old laser in my sign shop, it's a solid workhorse with the coolest software I have even seen. The Trotecs are fast but there is so much more to enjoy than just the speed. Once we started using the Trotec the 60 watt, our other machine became a paperweight."

 Keith Outten, Northwind Associates (Hayes, VA)

dewing engraving durham
"I have a Speedy 300, 80 watt, and love it. It's a well made machine and because of the job control software alone, I think its been worth every penny. I almost feel like Trotec is part of my team in my growing business. Helping me with technical support in making a better product has been key for me. Thank you Trotec."
​Jeff Dewing, Bellwether Laser LLC (Durham, NH)

Trotec product recommendation

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  • Speedy 400 laser machine

    Speedy 400

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