Large-Size Laser Machines

This product area comprises large-size laser cutting machines & laser engraving machines that provide a work area of up to 59 x 49 in and are perfectly suited for laser cutting. Use these laser machines to work with large-size materials efficiently and with maximum precision.

Large-Size Laser Machines

Work Area

Laser Type

  • SP1500 large-size CO2 laser cutter

    SP 1500

    The largest Trotec CO2 laser cutting machine... more
    59 x 49 in
    CO2 laser, flatbed
  • SP500


    Large-size CO2 laser machine for high-efficiency cutting and engraving... more
    49 x 28 in
    CO2 laser, flatbed
  • CO2 laser machine for stamp manufacture

    Laserati DT

    CO2 laser machine for stamp engraving of up to 4 DIN A4 laser rubber plates... more
    33.1 x 11.7 in
    CO2 laser, drum