Working Tables for Speedy 360 and Speedy 400

The right working table for every application
The multifunctional table concept allows for optimal configuration for all cutting and engraving applications with the Speedy 360 and Speedy 400 series. Depending on the application, you can select the ideal table and change it easily and quickly. Efficient work is thus guaranteed. You can choose among a standard, a vacuum or a cutting table, as well as a honeycomb table and an aluminum and an acrylic grating. Workpieces with a height of up to 305 mm can thus be optimally processed. Furthermore, with the optional pass-through function, you can even work on very long of bulky parts.

More tables – reliable results
The standard table is ideal for engraving heavy workpieces (marble, granite, wood, acrylic). It rests on the base structure and is supported by struts. In addition, it is absolutely level with minimum tolerances for engraving and marking applications that require an accurate focus. Thin and light materials with a tendency of not lying fully flat on the support can perfectly be engraved, cut or marked with the vacuum table (e. g. foils or films, plastic laminates, veneers, paper, etc.). The well-thought-out extraction system ensures a maximum vacuum effect.

Cutting without reflection
With the cutting table, you are optimally equipped for cutting heavy materials. Anodized aluminum lamellas lock in place automatically. Due to the reduced support surface, reflection on the bottom side of the material is greatly reduced. For absolutely reflection-free cutting, the aluminum lamellas can optionally be replaced by acrylic lamellas. Use the black aluminum or the acrylic grating when you wish to cut out small parts.