i-cut Registration Mark Detection 

Optical registration mark detection for precise laser cutting

Perfect finishing of printed materials with i-Cut and Trotec laser machines
Printed signs, displays, or POS materials can be cut individually with laser technology combined with i-Cut. During the process, the cutting line exactly follows the specifications of the printer. In other methods, minor distortions in the impression can easily produce inadequate results. i-Cut, on the other hand, is an intelligent and easy-to-use system that detects any distortions in the impression. No matter if these are linear or non-linear distortions – the cutting path is adapted automatically and dynamically. As a result, the cutting line will always perfectly match the impression on flexible or rigid materials.

How i-Cut works
Registration marks are printed along the graphic. The camera is mounted to the processing head of the laser and registers the dimensions of the print by "reading" the registration marks before the cutting process. By comparing the "read in" registration marks of the impression with the target position in the original cutting file, i-Cut can detect and compensate any deviations. During this process, the software will not only correct rotations. It also adapts the cutting path if the impression is distorted or inclined. At the same time, the i-Cut software is very easy to use. A perfectly cut end product is thus guaranteed.

i-Cut offers a wide range of functions to make your work easier
- i-Cut is easy to use
- i-Cut corrects linear or non-linear distortions as well as rotations
- Reliable registration mark detection
- Cutting path preparation
- Material database
- Intelligent workflow
- Ultra-bright LED lamps mounted directly to the camera
- i-scriptTM workflow: ai-Cut™ and i-cutCDR™