Laser Marking in Medical Technology

Marking of medical and surgical instruments and implants

Mark ceramic, metal, plastics and many other materials in medical technology.

Applications overview

Laser marking in medical technology
Surgical instruments and implants used in medical technology are made of high-grade materials. Precise identification of medical utensils, hearing devices, etc. with barcodes and serial numbers for tracing purposes is indispensable. Such marking must be precise, permanent and indelible to fulfill the demands in the medical field.

Permanent and resistant identification
Marking with a laser fulfills these demands. It offers durable and resistant identifications by color change without changing the surface structure of the material. The marking process is contactless and no waste is produced. Moreover, the marking is free from burrs where germs could accumulate. This ensures the sterility of your medical instruments.

Possible materials
You can use Trotec marking lasers for marking metal, plastics, ceramic and many other materials commonly used in the medical industry. We will be happy to perform a free material test for you in our application lab
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 Why Trotec?

  • Best engraving results
  • Components of the highest quality
  • Contact-less and process-reliable material processing
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Resistant direct marking
  • Robust and durable

What our customers are saying

medtronic surgical instruments marking  "The customer service response is excellent and has really helped us work through any technical issues to remain on schedule for projects. Recently we looked into purchasing a second laser, and through our laser system research, no other software matched the Trotec JobControl's capabilities."

 Alaena DeStefano, Medtronic (Santa Ana, CA)

Trotec product recommendation

  • Speedy 100: The upgradable CO2 compact laser for demanding entry-level users

    Speedy 100

    Upgradable CO2 laser engraver for demanding entry-level users
    Work Area:   24 x 12 inch   ♦   lasertype:   CO2  laser, flatbed
  • Speedy 300 fiber laser machine

    Speedy 300 fiber

    Mid-size fiber laser machine for marking metal and plastics
    Work Area:   29 x 17 inch   ♦   lasertype:   Fiber laser, flatbed
  • LWS 780 laser system

    SpeedMarker 700

    Medium sized allround galvo laser workstation
    Work Area:   24.8 x 12.2 inch   ♦   lasertype:   CO2 or fiber galvo laser